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Crisis management audit: Is your company really fit for the next crisis?

Marcel Trachsel, Founder and Partner

The Corona crisis has proven it: The management of crises and emergencies poses challenges to companies that go far beyond those of everyday life. Anyone who relies solely on his talent for improvisation in such a situation acts thoughtlessly and risks a lasting loss of reputation and trust. In a crisis, the usual behavioural patterns, strategies and resources are not sufficient to cope with it successfully. Therefore it is a core task of responsible leadership to prepare for crises and emergency situations. This is why insurance companies and finance institutes also require their customers to prove that they have an effective crisis management system in place.

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What is the situation in your company?

A trained, well-balanced crisis management team, clearly defined interfaces and processes as well as practical tools help to maintain an overview and freedom of action in a crisis or emergency situation and to make the right decisions.

Based on many years of experience, we have developed a checklist that we use in audits of crisis management organisations. This checklist is also useful for an initial self-assessment.

The consultants of int/ext Communications are happy to support you in setting up a crisis management organisation tailored to the specific needs of your company and to prepare it for for an emergency with realistic trainings and exercises.

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