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Ricola: Setting the course for the future

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Issue and Crisis Management

Companies and organisations continually have to balance their own expectations and performance on the one hand with the expectations of their stakeholder groups on the other. If these do not tally, this gives rise to an issue, a controversy that is of public interest. Emotional aspects often play a significant role in such instances.

If an issue is allowed to persist unchecked, there is a real danger of it developing into a crisis. Crises pose challenges for companies and organisations, challenges that go well beyond those they face in their daily business. Being unprepared for these situations is reckless, and runs the risk of a lasting loss of reputation and trust.

Using our integrated consulting process, we support your company or organisation and develop issue and crisis management strategies tailored to your needs.


Your Contact

Marcel Trachsel, PhD, Managing Partner
Phone +41 (0)61 264 88 05

Issue Management

We identify trends and concerns at an early stage, and take effective steps to avoid or defuse crisis situations.

Crisis Management

Our specialists support you in setting up a crisis management framework and in drawing up guides outlining how to handle crises. If you’re looking for someone to put your team through their paces in realistic drills, you’ll find us to be experienced sparring partners.


Crisis Communciations

We work with you to develop strategies for communications in the event of a crisis. Our specialist expertise includes the efficient implementation of appropriate measures, training in crisis communications, and effective support in the event of a crisis.